Why is safety gear chosen in the office and not in the field, where it is being worn all day?

We challenged this…as being blue collar folks we recognized the hazards of equipping workers with mediocre gear, and the huge upsides to gifting employees gear that they appreciate and value.

GearFit helps companies cut through the fog of the PPE industry and put gear in the field that will be supported, valued, and most importantly…worn!





Consultation with a Cubik safety gear expert to discuss the exact needs and safety requirements for your job/project.

Get a detailed quote on exactly the right equipment and gear for your specific needs. Physical samples, size charts, and spec pages  available.  

Finalize all details on your desired gear (i.e. branding, delivery date, etc).  In addition our team is ready to assist in streamlining gear management with personalized online shops! 



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